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OUR PHILOSOPHY Our highest mission is exceeding our guests' expectations. We pledge to provide consistent quality products and service for our guests, who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, and fun atmosphere. We will always strive to fulfill requests timely and precisely while anticipating the unexpressed needs of our guests.

Sweet 16 BRK Pizza, independently owned and operated by the Trombino family, celebrated 16 years in business on June 25, 2023. BRK was the first pizzeria in Naples to earn Blue Zones Project certification. From-scratch offerings include gluten-free, cauliflower and whole- wheat-crusted pies plus plant-based sausage and cheese options. Via email, Carol Trombino shared that BRK is "incredibly proud to be part of the Naples Community. We look forward to continuing success and expanding our business in the future.

GLUTEN-FREE BRK Pizza is proud to serve a variety of healthly and delicious gluten-free menu items. Our gluten-free pizza is made with a separate bake and prep process and then Brick-Fired.

Robert S

I'm originally from New Jersey and this classic brick oven pizza is the best in Florida that I know of. It is a family-owned restaurant, the people who work there are very friendly and nice to do business with. You have a personal tv so you can watch what you want at your own table definitely top-notch .

Chris W

This pizza is AMAZING!! The best pizza I've ever had. The crust is the chef’s kiss.

John T

THIS is the BEST VEGAN PIZZA in Naples. Daiya (dairy free) cheese, diced fresh tomatoes, arugula, with olive- oil-garlic sauce on traditional crust. Add a little coarse kosher salt on top, Delicious! Also for meat eaters: the Prosciutto with arugula pizza here Is arguably THE BEST pizza in Naples period!


Great pizza, salads, and sandwiches at this family owned Naples pizza place. Fantastic lunch specials, delivery, and catering. Excellent atmosphere inside or in courtyard. Terrific and friendly service. Yummy gelato. Fun place for all ages!

Chantelle E

BEST PIZZA IN NAPLES Great pizza!!! Tastes amazing! Love the customer experience with Wi-Fi, televisions, sorbet, and dairy free options! Thank you!

Mr. fix it

If you are looking for good authentic Italian pizza, you should try this place. The crust on the pizza was thin and crispy with fresh toppings. The chicken wings are served naked allowing you to add as much sauce as you like, served on the side. The gelato was a must have for me and it was very good!

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